Secondary Services

Vertical integration of services “under one roof” saves the customer time and money. Al-Fe offers the secondary services that you and your customers need.

Hardness Testing – Al-Fe technicians test a predetermined quantity of product from each heat treat batch to confirm hardness minimums have been achieved. Brinell and Rockwell capability.

Mechanical Testing – Tensile, yield and elongation reporting based on testing of pre-cast bars. Al-Fe also has saw cutting and CNC lathe capability to machine test bars from our customers’ products.

Complete Certification Documentation – Al-Fe certifies every batch of product processed, recording heat treat parameters as well as hardness readings.

Transportation – With a fleet of tractor-trailers, Al-Fe can satisfy your logistical needs. Drop-forward shipping of your product post heat treat is also an option.

Straightening – Al-Fe’s experienced straighteners work to demanding flatness specifications. We also straighten to customer-provided fixtures. At multiple sites Al-Fe offers manual and hydraulic press straightening.

Shotblasting – Al-Fe Heat Treating offers on-site shotblasting utilizing steel shot media to clean the surface of parts, preparing them for the next step in your manufacturing process.

Why trust your aluminum heat treating needs to anyone but the industry leader?