Precision Air Quench

Precision Air Quenching provides cutting edge technology while offering distortion control for high volume thin walled aluminum components.

It’s an ongoing battle—how to build vehicles that will go farther on less, thereby increasing fuel economy, reducing emissions, and dovetailing with current and future government-imposed automotive standards. Engineers have done all they can to lighten the weight of vehicle engines by swapping steel for aluminum, and are now turning their attention to lightening vehicular structures. However, using lighter weight aluminum in engines and vehicle frames necessitates a unique method of heat treating, one that minimizes torque, distortion and cracking, while still maintaining parts integrity. Enter Precision Air Quenching (PAQ), a revolutionary process which offers significant benefits over traditional quenching methods.

And not a moment too soon, to fuel the new, lighter direction of the automotive industry. In an effort to meet increased MPG standards, the projected aluminum content in vehicles will increase from 343 pounds currently to 550 pounds by 2025. From engine blocks to impact beams, aluminum will be a vital component of all vehicles going forward. New casting processes have been developed to reduce porosity in thin castings, but few companies have the capabilities to heat treat parts made from multiple materials with individual cooling demands.  Stamping and fabrication companies are now being asked by customers to transfer components they traditionally made out of steel to aluminum. They can no longer heat treat these parts in-house or use their local commercial steel heat treater they have known for years.

Al-Fe Heat Treating offers Precision Air Quenching (PAQ) at its Saginaw and Defiance facilities. PAQ works with both basket and basketless processing, and provides uniform quenching across complex components with various cross-section thicknesses. In the arena of thin walled castings, stampings, forgings, and/or fabrications, PAQ provides the perfect solution to limit brittleness and distortions often found in conventional quenching methods. In addition, the slower cooling rate of PAQ improves fatigue life while balancing the chosen material’s mechanical properties. This allows automotive manufacturers greater options in structural design, which increases overall vehicular efficiency.

Al-Fe Heat Treating is one of the first to pioneer high volume PAQ processing in its plants, thereby meeting a growing market need for lighter, more efficient vehicles that utilize more aluminum and less steel. With Precision Air Quenching, Al-Fe is providing yet another reliable and consistent treatment process that will power the future of engine and vehicle design.

Currently, there is no other commercial heat treater with more experience, knowledge, and capacity with various quenching options including Water, Polymer, and Precision Air Quench. Al-Fe Heat Treating is the largest commercial heat treater of aluminum products in the United States.  Let Al-Fe provide the leadership you need while meeting or exceeding your expectations!

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