As an American-owned and operated business Al-Fe Heat Treating is proud to support our military and its allies. Al-Fe Heat Treating is a trusted partner to the military/defense industry, handling highly sensitive documents and products on a daily basis. All Al-Fe Heat Treating facilities are ITAR and EAR registered.

See our current list of military/aerospace approvals below.

The list continues to grow as our customer base seeks out our expertise to help them win work with the industry leaders. If there are military certifications/approvals that you need, but don’t see on our listing, please inform us. We are always up for for a new challenge!

Company NameSpecificationsSupplier Code     Expires
Airborne Maintenance & Engineering SystemsN/AN/AN/A
Aircraft Braking Systems MeggitNadcapN/ANadcap
Alcoa Wheel & Forged product (Arconic)Nadcap –  Only process specific partsN/AMarch 2020
Allen AircraftN/AN/AN/A

( Air frame division)

AMS-H-6088, MIL-H-6088, AMS2770, AMS2771, Nadcap AluminumN/ANadcap
Bell HelicopterBPS4139, BPS4453, BPS4467, SQRM-001485230N/A
BoeingAMS-2771, AMS-H-6088,MIL-H-6088,

BAC 5602, BAC 5946, AMS-2770, PS15500, PS15519-15529 (McDonnell Douglas)

Cessna (Textron Aviation)CSTI008, TP1103, TP1102, TP1601006577N/A
Eaton AerospaceMIL-H-6088, AMS-H-6088, AMS2770, AMS2771, AMS2772, AMS275030010346 Nadcap
GE TransportationBB03 per AMS2772, S-45363418Nadcap
HoneywellAMS-2770, AMS-2771, AMSH6088, AMS2772

Not forgings.

Hamilton SundstrandAMS2770 Nadcap
Hawker Beechcraft (Textron Aviation)Nadcap, ASTME10, ASTME18, AMS2770, AMS2771, AMS2772, AMSH6088 (note after May 2016 then TP1103, TP1102, TP1601)10131445N/A
LockheedAMS2771, AMS2750, AMS2770, AMS2772, AMSH6088. MUST BE NADCAPLM0071592N/A
LordAMS2770, AMS2771, AMS2772, AMSH6088125403N/A
Lycoming EnginesLPS599, AMS2750, AMS2771, ASTMB917N/AN/A
MD HelicopterQOA2 (quality system), MDP1-2, Heat Treating of Aluminum8144N/A
Moog, IncAMS-H-6088, MIL-H-6088, AMS-2770, AMS-2771, EP 3500, SQR-1, SBC00P0172N/A
Parker Aerospace (Aircraft Wheel & Brake)EPS4126, EPS4208N/AN/A
Parker Hannifin AerospaceASTM E-10 (T140), ASTM E-18 (T145), AMS2770 (H012), AMS2771 (H014), Nadcap, Quality System Aerospace101675N/A
Precision AirmotiveN/AN/AN/A
Rolls-RoyceAMS2770, AMS2771, AMS2772


121130Nadcap & Rolls
Schweizer AircraftSHP 001-002 (approval given from Sikorsky Global Helicopters)N/ANadcap & SGH
SikorskyAMS- 2770, AMS-2772, ASTM E-18, SS8810, SS8043, AMS-2750, AMS-2771, MILSTD-1537, ASTM E-92, ASTM E-384, SS8013SP-827N/A
Unison (GE)Nadcap, AMS2770, AMS2750, S-1000N/ANadcap & Boeing
United Launch AllianceNadcap, AMS2770, AMS2771, AMS2772N/ANadcap
United TechnologiesAMS- 2770, AMS-2772, ASTM E-18, SS8810, SS8043, AMS-2750, AMS-2771, MILSTD-1537, ASTM E-92, ASTM E-384, SS8013N/ANadcap
UTC Aerospace SystemsAC7004, AMS2770, AMS2771, AMS2772, MILH6088G, ES 13.3.64, ES 5.14.29N/ANadcap
United States/Canada Joint  CertificationDD2345006284702-15-22