Aerospace Heat Treating

Al-Fe Heat Treating has amassed an impressive list of aluminum aerospace heat treating accreditations and approvals, including NADCAP certification. We have worked on projects that have revolutionized commercial and military flight and have led to significant advances in space exploration and travel. Aerospace components that we heat treat regularly include flight safety critical components, armament components, fuselage, pylons, brake components, rudders, and fairings.

We regularly work with top manufacturers in the aerospace industry to keep our approvals up to date and ensure quality product output. NADCAP approved, Al-Fe has become a trusted source for aluminum heat treating in the aerospace industry. We take quality very seriously – when you choose Al-Fe, you can rest easy knowing your aerospace products are being heat treated exactly to specification. When it comes to aerospace heat treating, you can’t afford to trust your needs to anyone but Al-Fe Heat Treating!

See our current list of aerospace approvals below.

The list continues to grow as our customer base seeks out our expertise to help them win work with the industry leaders. If there are aerospace certifications/approvals that you need, but don’t see on our listing, please inform us. We are always up for for a new challenge!

Company NameSpecificationsSupplier Code     Expires
Airborne Maintenance & Engineering SystemsN/AN/AN/A
Aircraft Braking Systems MeggitNadcapN/ANadcap
Alcoa Wheel & Forged product (Arconic)Nadcap –  Only process specific partsN/AMarch 2020
Allen AircraftN/AN/AN/A

( Air frame division)

AMS-H-6088, MIL-H-6088, AMS2770, AMS2771, Nadcap AluminumN/ANadcap
Bell HelicopterBPS4139, BPS4453, BPS4467, SQRM-001485230N/A
BoeingAMS-2771, AMS-H-6088,MIL-H-6088,

BAC 5602, BAC 5946, AMS-2770, PS15500, PS15519-15529 (McDonnell Douglas)

Cessna (Textron Aviation)CSTI008, TP1103, TP1102, TP1601006577N/A
Eaton AerospaceMIL-H-6088, AMS-H-6088, AMS2770, AMS2771, AMS2772, AMS275030010346 Nadcap
GE TransportationBB03 per AMS2772, S-45363418Nadcap
HoneywellAMS-2770, AMS-2771, AMSH6088, AMS2772

Not forgings.

Hamilton SundstrandAMS2770 Nadcap
Hawker Beechcraft (Textron Aviation)Nadcap, ASTME10, ASTME18, AMS2770, AMS2771, AMS2772, AMSH6088 (note after May 2016 then TP1103, TP1102, TP1601)10131445N/A
LockheedAMS2771, AMS2750, AMS2770, AMS2772, AMSH6088. MUST BE NADCAPLM0071592N/A
LordAMS2770, AMS2771, AMS2772, AMSH6088125403N/A
Lycoming EnginesLPS599, AMS2750, AMS2771, ASTMB917N/AN/A
MD HelicopterQOA2 (quality system), MDP1-2, Heat Treating of Aluminum8144N/A
Moog, IncAMS-H-6088, MIL-H-6088, AMS-2770, AMS-2771, EP 3500, SQR-1, SBC00P0172N/A
Parker Aerospace (Aircraft Wheel & Brake)EPS4126, EPS4208N/AN/A
Parker Hannifin AerospaceASTM E-10 (T140), ASTM E-18 (T145), AMS2770 (H012), AMS2771 (H014), Nadcap, Quality System Aerospace101675N/A
Precision AirmotiveN/AN/AN/A
Rolls-RoyceAMS2770, AMS2771, AMS2772


121130Nadcap & Rolls
Schweizer AircraftSHP 001-002 (approval given from Sikorsky Global Helicopters)N/ANadcap & SGH
SikorskyAMS- 2770, AMS-2772, ASTM E-18, SS8810, SS8043, AMS-2750, AMS-2771, MILSTD-1537, ASTM E-92, ASTM E-384, SS8013SP-827N/A
Unison (GE)Nadcap, AMS2770, AMS2750, S-1000N/ANadcap & Boeing
United Launch AllianceNadcap, AMS2770, AMS2771, AMS2772N/ANadcap
United TechnologiesAMS- 2770, AMS-2772, ASTM E-18, SS8810, SS8043, AMS-2750, AMS-2771, MILSTD-1537, ASTM E-92, ASTM E-384, SS8013N/ANadcap
UTC Aerospace SystemsAC7004, AMS2770, AMS2771, AMS2772, MILH6088G, ES 13.3.64, ES 5.14.29N/ANadcap
United States/Canada Joint  CertificationDD2345006284702-15-22